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Karen L. Dettore, IHP,CNC
Integrative Health Practitioner
Certified Nutrition Consultant - Master Level

Health & Wellness Nutrition, Weight Management, Holistic Nutrition & Sports Nutrition

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Wow, I have been an accountant for more than half of my life.  Time flies when you work with the IRS.  I bet you didn't think this would be the first line of a nutrition bio!!  

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity at the age of 50 to educate myself in a field that I have a passion for.  I want to guide and advise people in ways to make lifestyle changes to improve health and wellness. So, I went back to school and I am now a Master Certified Nutritionist. I achieved certification in Nutrition, Holistic Nutrition, Sports Nutrition and Weight Management through AFPA.  Then again another opportunity (desire) at the age of 56, I attained my Integrative Health Practitioner certification.  A designation that has brought my skills and proficiency to the next level.  I am working on the second level that will enable me to read and interpret lab testing.  I will let you know when that is a done deal.

I have helped many people achieve their nutritional goals, weight loss goals and well being goals.  What a wonderful experience this has been.  

My approach is to educate you and give you the tools you will need to achieve whatever well being goals you want. 

Let's do this, what are you waiting for?  Time flies, make the most of it now!

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