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Life is as "Peachy" as you make it!!

It's peach time and they are soooo good this year. Did you know this delectable little fruit (medium size) only has 58 calories and less than a gram of fat? Not only is it low in fat and calories it is loaded with nutrients and fiber. Here is the skinny on peaches: They contain 2 grams of fiber, Vitamins C, A, E, K and some trace B vitamins, potassium, niacin, copper and manganese. But, there is a have to leave the fuzzy peel on.

Are you curious? What exactly does a peach do for your well being? Let me start with fiber!! If you have been reading my blogs, which I sincerely hope you have since there haven't been that many, you know how important fiber is to our body. Let's just say it is better than a cup of coffee in the morning, if you get my drift! Because the peach has both soluble and insoluble fiber it is doubly good. Okay, I will give it up again :) Insoluble fiber adds bulk to your system and along with hydration moves things along in your digestive tract to help reduce the occurrences of constipation. Soluble fiber dissolves in the gut and becomes a nutrient for the good bacteria that lives in our system. Because of the growth of this bacteria it reduces inflammation in your gut that is caused by a number of diseases.

The skin of the peach, besides being gentle to the touch i.e.. fuzzy, contains some really amazing nutrients that help us fight numerous diseases. What our wonderful body can do with food!! It can take the orange pigment in the skin of the peach (a carotenoid) and turn it into vitamin A! Amazing!! Vitamin A is the nutrient that maintains our vision and also helps to reduce inflammation. There have been a number of studies about peaches showing the health benefits such as binding to bile acids to reduce cholesterol, but in my opinion there have not been enough to substantiate them and when it has been further researched I will give you the low down.

From what I have read in my research of the peach, the canned peach is also good for you. It cannot be in the high fructose syrup, it is best in natural juices, and would be best if you could find it with the skin on (I have not seen that but I haven't really looked) That means you can get the benefits of the fruit even when it is not in season, win, win. How to pick a peach? Soft but firm to touch, skin is tight, and a light scent. If the skin starts to wrinkle put them in the refrigerator to keep the ripening process from advancing and losing the valuable vitamin C. Best ways to eat a peach? Just eat it!! I prefer to cut mine up so I can get more flesh from the pit. They can be put in salads, on cereal, use them in a grilled shish kabob, use your imagination and let me know of a creative idea you have come up with.

As always, I want to hear back from you if you have any questions or any ideas for blogs you would be interested in. And I thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I sincerely hope you enjoy them!!

A big thank you to the photographers at Pexels for the pictures!!

To good health and well being!!


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