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Is your mind playing tricks on you?

What is being mindful? It is being in the present moment, paying attention to thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. When you incorporate being mindful into your eating routine you will reap many benefits. Have you ever eaten a meal and afterword don’t remember tasting the food? I know I am guilty of that on many occasions. This is a lifestyle change we should all make. It doesn’t take anymore energy, just some precious time.

First get rid of all things that will distract you, turn off the television, put your electronics away, and do not try to multitask while you are eating. Next use all your senses to focus on the meal, not just taste. Look at the different colors and textures, all those colors and textures are responsible for the nutrients contained in the food. Listen to how it sounds when you eat it, does it crunch? Smell each bite you put in your mouth; sense of smell plays an important role in our taste sense. Then, chew slowly, feel each texture in your mouth, enjoy the taste sensation of the food. When you take your time eating you are better able to recognize when you are satisfied and full, before getting to the over full point. This will reduce the number of calories ingested and aid in loosing weight. Not to mention really enjoy what you are eating.

I guess this means I shouldn’t unload the dishwasher while I am eating breakfast!!

Here’s to more enjoyment of food in your life!


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